Working Towards the Standard


The national Quality in Careers Standard awarded by Ixion (part of the Shaw Trust group) is designed to accredit good practice and encourage development in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in schools, academies, colleges, special schools and smaller units.

Up until the 4th February 2021 this award was known as the National Quality in Careers Standard under licence to Prospects, however Prospects is now owned by the Shaw Trust group and the licence is now part of Ixion which is also owned by the Shaw Trust Group.

Ixion (part of the Shaw Trust group) is a Licensed Awarding Body, it is authorised to act on behalf of the Quality in Careers Standard Consortium to assess and accredit schools, colleges and work-based learning organisations against the national ©Quality in Careers Standard.

• The Government strongly recommends that all schools and colleges work towards the updated Quality in Careers Standard … to support the development of a world-class careers programme for all their young people.

• Quality standards lead to better careers and guidance programmes because they help institutions continuously improve their careers work. • Working towards the Quality in Careers Standard gives CEIAG a higher profile and increases the involvement of senior managers and, especially governors.

• Holding a nationally recognised quality mark demonstrates to those outside the institution (for example OFSTED) that a high standard has been reached.

The standards are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect local and national developments. If a school or college is accredited with this standard, it can feel confident it is meeting national requirements and good practice guidelines.

What does the Quality in Careers Standard awarded by Ixion (part of the Shaw Trust group) cover?

Ten units cover all eight Gatsby Benchmarks and the accreditation criteria required by the national Quality in Careers Consortium. Ixion (part of the Shaw Trust group) units are:

A. Policy and Management.

B. Planned Programme of Careers Education.

C. Review and Evaluation.

D. Information.

E. Experience of the World of Work and Encounters with Employers and Employees.

F. Encounters with Further and Higher Education.

G. Individual Guidance, Personal Planning and Transiation Support.

H. Work with Parents and Carers.

I. Equality and Diversity.

J. Learner Voice.

The Quality in Careers Standard has been mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance and the Career Development Institute (CDI) Framework for Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education.

Gold Standard

The Gold Standard awarded by Ixion (part of the Shaw Trust group) is determined solely by us and is not part of the national arrangements. It is for exceptional recognition of an institutions commitment to CEIAG. This may be demonstrated by consistently high grades across all 10 units of the standard in addition to evidenced examples of outstanding and innovative practice.

The cost to the institution for going through the process with us is £1550.

Contact information:

Michele Squire – Tel: 07342 062779